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SMI is a leading supplier of custom silicone products for short run, prototyping, and new product applications. During the past 40 years, we've worked with all industries, specializing in medical, lighting, university, industrial, and veterinary.

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Custom Silicone Capabilities

Working With SMI

  1. Review customer needs and drawings
  2. Offer material and processing options
  3. Provide a quote to meet your budget
  4. Run first article parts for customer approval
  5. Once approved, we run the full order
  6. Low return rate and high satisfaction

Quality Statement

We are committed to meeting customer and regulatory requirements through the effectiveness of our quality management system, with high-quality products, superior service, and competitive prices.

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SMI is a leading supplier of custom silicone products from short run to high volume, prototyping, and new product applications, across numerous industries.

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