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Specialty Manufacturing, Inc. (SMI) distinguishes itself as an expert in custom silicone manufacturing, catering to various needs ranging from short production runs and prototyping to developing cutting edge fabrication techniques. With a history of over four decades, SMI has established a broad portfolio, working with diverse industries. Our extensive experience positions SMI as a valuable partner for businesses seeking innovative silicone manufacturing solutions, whether for complex medical devices, lighting systems, research tools, industrial components, or veterinary products.

Silicone Manufacturing Capabilities

Silicone manufacturing has become integral to several key industries, including medical devices, research, and LED lighting, due to its unique properties and adaptability.


Medical grade silicone is valued for its thermal stability, hydrophobicity, and chemical resistance, contributing to a growing market​​. Medical grade silicone is used to manufacture a plethora of devices, ranging from tubing, catheters, and electrosurgical handpieces to implants, dental products, and diagnostics devices​​. The ease of processing silicones is a significant advantage in medical manufacturing, where the material can be shaped via injection molding or compression molding​​.


Silicones used in major research facilities are utilized for their remarkable versatility and safety. Studies have confirmed the safety of siloxanes, the critical building blocks of silicone products, for both human health and the environment​​. The silicone industry has actively engaged in research to ensure the safe use of these materials, underpinning their commitment to environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance​​. Silicones are critical in research, where their unique properties are utilized, and their safety and environmental impacts are continuously monitored and assessed through extensive testing programs and computer modeling initiatives​​​​.


In the LED lighting industry, silicones are evolving to meet the demands for higher light flux and thermal loads. Leading silicone manufacturing companies are highlighting the diversity of silicone polymer chemistry aids in overcoming technical challenges, leading to its increased use in LED packaging and components for lamps and luminaires​​. Silicones’ low viscosity prior to curing allows for molding into complex shapes and thin walls, enabling new design possibilities for optics in lighting applications​​. Silicones superior thermal stability makes it suitable for high-heat applications, resisting temperatures up to 150°C without significant loss of performance, which is crucial as LED devices become smaller and more powerful​​. Notably, moldable silicones show excellent optical stability and do not yellow significantly over time, preserving light output and color temperature even under intense conditions​​. They are anticipated to play a substantial role in the development of new LED sources, given their benefits in sealing, protecting, adhering, and shaping light​​.

The adaptability and safety of silicone materials, combined with industry commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility, have established silicone manufacturing as a cornerstone in these advanced industries, each with its own set of requirements and challenges.

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We are committed to meeting customer and regulatory requirements through the effectiveness of our quality management system, with high-quality products, superior service, and competitive prices.

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