Silicone Component Assembly

At SMI, we go beyond silicone parts fabrication. Our in-house expertise extends to the skillful assembly of complex devices. With precision in tight tolerances and intricate parts, we fully complete your projects by assembling molded and non-molded components. Trust SMI for comprehensive assembly services.

Clean Areas & Expert Packaging Capabilities

At SMI, we excel in meeting customer and regulatory requirements during silicone component assembly. With our effective quality management system and ISO 13485 certification, we ensure top-notch quality. Our impeccable clean areas and expert packaging capabilities guarantee exceptional standards. Trust SMI for excellence in cleanliness and packaging.

Quality at Every Step

Our on-site Class 100 clean area stations enable efficient part deflashing, assembly, and packaging, ensuring compliance with specifications and regulations. Before shipping, every part undergoes a meticulous final inspection for superior quality and accuracy.

Silicone Component Assembly

SMI has experience in silicone component assembly for extremely small and intricate parts where quality of the end product is absolutely critical

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