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Silicone Injection Molding

Specialty Manufacturing, Inc. (SMI) offers custom silicone injection molding for small to large volumes and parts that call for additives, such as colorants. SMI holds tight tolerances and specializes in creating highly detailed intricate parts for applications across a variety of industries.

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Why Go With Injection Molding?

Silicone injection molding offers a precise shot size and, in turn, greater control of flash when compared to other processes, like compression molding. With injection molded silicone parts, flash is inherently controlled while the tool is under clamp pressure in process. With higher product volume, fixed tooling costs, and the elimination of additional post-molding deflashing work, silicone injection molding is a highly compelling, cost-effective process.

Silicone Overmolding Your Parts

The addition of a silicone overmold onto your plastic, metal, or silicone part can provide both a cushion and seal, which is essential to prevent debris, other biofluids, and even electrical current from passing through a medical device or instrument. At SMI, we can also plasma etch metal and plastic parts in-house. The plasma etching process cleans the surface and creates a waterproof barrier, which also provides maximum adhesion and bonding for the silicone overmold.

What are the advantages of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) for bonding?

LSR is a unique thermoset material with several physical advantages, including biocompatibility, hydrophobic properties, and chemical and heat resistance. The bond between liquid silicone rubber and the substrate is extremely durable and will withstand movement at high and low temperatures.

Because of its viscosity, LSR is very easy to mold at lower pressures. 

Use Cases for Bonding with Silicone

  • Bond silicone to plastic
  • Bond silicone to metal
  • Bond silicone to silicone

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