Where It All Began (1979-1990)

Jim Thompson was an engineer. Kathy Thompson worked in quality. They met working together at Dow Corning. Jim noticed a significant amount of inquiries requesting small-run silicone parts and sought it out as an opportunity. They decided to open their own business (SMI) in the basement of their home, where their daughters, Kristi and Amanda, were both exposed to the business at a young age.

The Evolution of SMI (1990-2014)

As they grew, SMI continued to lead as one of the most dependable silicone component manufacturers. They had the knowledge and passion for delivering high-quality small parts on a daily basis. In the late 1990s, the loss of Jim forced the Thompson family to think differently. Kristi and Amanda decided to take on more responsibility in the business and lead the future of SMI.

Today and the Future (2014–Today)

Much like when Jim and Kathy saw an opportunity to start the business, Kathy, Amanda, and Kristi searched for new opportunities to grow the business. Now, celebrating its 40th year, SMI offers more capabilities than ever before, such as bonding silicone to metal and plastic, and LED lighting silicone molding and bonding. They are making a bold stance in the marketplace with small parts that make a big impact.

What It’s Like to Partner With Us

SMI recognizes that every product manufactured in our facility makes an impact on someone’s life. We promise to always have the end user in mind and channel our attention to every small detail. Our products are American made on a solid foundation of deep knowledge and expertise.


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