Silicone Dip Molding

As silicone gains popularity, especially in medical devices, SMI is your trusted partner for medical silicone molding. Our silicone dip molding offers unique and functional parts and prototypes, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods like injection or compression molding. With our dip method, we ensure a seamless finish while maintaining complexity.

Silicone Dip Molding Applications

Silicone dip molding offers versatility in creating functional parts with various surface finishes. It is the ideal process for seamless medical silicone molding, producing medical devices such as balloons, tubes, bladders, diaphragms, and crash test dummy organs. Experience the benefits of custom dip molding for your medical silicone needs.


Our Emphasis on Low Volume Manufacturing

We specialize in serving your dip fabrication and medical silicone molding needs for low and medium volume runs. Our expertise in material management and cost-effective tooling allows us to cater to world-class medical research facilities and medical device manufacturers. Trust us to deliver high-quality solutions tailored to your specific requirements.


Silicone Dip Molding

Silicone Dip Molding can often be a novel & cost effective process for medical devices, lighting solutions, and more

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