Silicone Die Cutting

At Specialty Manufacturing, Inc. (SMI), we offer high-quality die cutting services tailored to your specifications. From simple circle gaskets to complex circuit board covers, our expertise in custom silicone die cuts ensures exceptional results.

Start Small as Needed

Whether you require a single prototype or a large production run, our state-of-the-art processes accommodate a wide range of quantities and complexities.

Cutting Silicone For Medical and Research Professionals

SMI specializes in cutting silicone using our custom roller die processes for medical, lighting, and research fields. Our expertise in cutting silicone ensures exceptional quality and precise detailing, even for intricate and complex parts.

Accelerate Your Production with Automation

At our company, we stand out from other silicone manufacturers by effectively handling high volume runs through the power of automation. By automating our processes and utilizing custom roller die cutting techniques for on-site silicone sheeting, we deliver a tailored manufacturing solution that maximizes efficiency. Experience the benefits of streamlined and scalable production with us.

Silicone Die Cutting

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Custom Silicone Capabilities