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SMI silicone sheeting and tubing is used by researchers at universities and medical development organizations. Silicone is a sterile and flexible material with physical properties ideal for supporting research environments. View standard silicone sheeting and tubing products here.

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Why is Silicone Used by Research Facilities?

  • Physical properties of silicone allow you to see through it
  • Air/water can move through silicone to support cell growth
  • Silicone sheeting can be stretched
  • Silicone can be easily sterilized
  • Silicone sheeting can be cut to your desired size

What Silicone Solutions does SMI Provide for Research Facilities?

  • Matte Non-Reinforced Silicone Sheeting
  • Gloss Silicone Sheeting
  • Matte Reinforced Silicone Sheeting
  • Firm Matte Silicone Sheeting
  • Class VI Silicone Tubing

Common research applications using silicone: silicone petri dish liners, silicone for cell growth/cell cultures, tests requiring artificial organ tissue, research environments that require easily sterilized surfaces

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SMI standard silicone sheeting and tubing can be purchased through our online store. Standard sheeting is sold in 12"x12" silicone sheets and can be cut to fit your required surface specification. SMI standard silicone tubing is class VI silicone and is sold in 50' coils. If you have questions about using SMI silicone for your research application, contact our team of experts today.

Use Cases for Bonding with Silicone

  • Bond silicone to plastic
  • Bond silicone to metal
  • Bond silicone to silicone
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