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Value Added Processes

At Specialty Manufacturing, Inc. (SMI), we deliver advanced silicone expertise and capabilities for any industry where silicone makes a big impact. Our dedication to quality through a comprehensive suite of value added processes results in an extremely low customer rate of return and an extremely high customer satisfaction rate.

Plasma Etching & Robotic Priming

Plasma etching modifies the surface of a substrate to allow for increased bonding performance, and can also be used to make the material resistant to water. Plasma etching is typically used for cleaning and preparing surfaces for bonding applications. These include medical research, medical device development, and electronics applications. SMI is able to treat materials in-house as part of the fabrication process with robotic priming capabilities.


A trusted and capable partner is a crucial element to bringing a new product to market.

Product Validation

SMI offers rigorous validation testing for parts to ensure all necessary guidelines and regulations are met. Through validation and inspection of finished parts, we eliminate the need for incoming inspection to confirm consistent results and that the quality meets exact specifications.


Built for Low Volume

For minimal investment, you can try your part to confirm that it works in your application. SMI has the silicone material and manufacturing expertise to enable your modern product development workflow. You gain access to industry leading silicone engineering experts who will collaborate with you in the early stages of prototyping and production, therefore reducing costs and accelerating the timeline for a final product. From there, SMI has extensive experience working with customers to provide the necessary testing and validation for regulatory agency approvals for new products.

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