Small Parts, Big Impact

Specialty Manufacturing, Inc. (SMI) is a leading contract manufacturer specializing in custom-engineered silicone products since 1979.

Custom-Engineered Silicone Capabilities

SMI is a leading supplier of silicone products for short-run to high volume, prototyping, and new product applications. As a silicone parts manufacturer, we deliver advanced silicone expertise and capabilities for any industry where silicone makes a big impact, including in the manufacturing of custom silicone rubber parts. Click on our services below to learn more about our various specialties relating to custom silicone manufacturing.

Silicone Solutions by Industry

SMI partners with engineers and research professionals to deliver advanced silicone expertise and capabilities. SMI silicone solutions are used in clean-room environments for research, as optically clear LED lighting enclosures, and for implantable-grade medical applications. SMI is the preferred custom silicone parts manufacturer for numerous medical, research, and lighting industry names. Learn more about the industries we serve by clicking on the image on the right

Silicone Solutions by Industry

Get SMI standard silicone sheeting and tubing to use for research and in-house prototyping delivered directly from our silicone parts manufacturing. Shop matte or gloss silicone sheeting in your desired thickness or purchase matte silicone tubing in 50' coils.

Shop Custom Silicone Rubber Parts

SMI expertly creates custom silicone rubber parts for the medical, lighting, and research industry, fully capable of meeting custom thickness or opacity requirements in tubing or sheeting. Learn more about SMI’s custom silicone manufacturing or request a quote by following the link below.