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Dip Molding

As silicone continues to grow in popularity, particularly for use in medical devices, Specialty Manufacturing, Inc. (SMI) is your go-to partner for creating unique and functional parts and prototypes. Silicone dip molding is often a cost-effective alternative to traditional processes such as injection or compression molding, which both result in seams that could irritate a patient when used internally.

Where is Silicone Dip Molding Used?

Using a silicone dip process offers the ability to create unique and functional parts in various surface finishes. Custom dip molding is the recommended process for creating seamless silicone medical devices such as balloons, dipped tubes, bladders, diaphragms, and even crash test dummy organs.

Our Emphasis on Low Volume Manufacturing

One of the advantages of working with SMI for your dip fabrication needs is that we specialize in low and medium volume runs. Better material management and more economical tooling enable us to deliver for world-class medical research facilities and medical device manufacturers alike.

Silicone Dip Molding can often be a novel & cost effective process for medical devices, lighting solutions, and more

Dip Molding Use Cases

  • Balloons
  • Dipped tubes
  • Bladders
  • Diaphragms
  • Dip Molding Over Metal
  • Dip Molding Over Plastic
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