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Optically clear silicone provides excellent light transmission and long-lasting results for LED lighting manufacturers. With SMI, you have design flexibility meaning you can customize the shape, color, and light intensity of the silicone solution to best support your final product.

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Why is Silicone a Good Fit for Lighting Applications?

  • Silicone UV stability provides protection from the elements
  • Silicone is ideal for outdoor applications
  • Silicone is optically clear, 98% light transmission
  • Silicone is an alternative to glass/plastic lighting enclosures
  • Silicone does not become yellow nor brittle like plastic
  • Silicone is resistant to temperature, endures LED bulb heat
  • Silicone insulates electrical current, increasing performance
  • Silicone does not crack, can withstand unintentional contact

What Silicone Solutions does SMI Provide for Lighting Manufacturers?


Lighting applications using silicone include: lenses for emergency vehicles, lighting in surgical settings, close contact lighting, alternatives to plastic light enclosures, applications requiring high heat, critical applications that cannot allow for broken bulbs

A Testament to Our Capability

"The strong relationship Dow has with SMI goes back several years to the very beginning of our Moldable Optical Silicone product line. The fit was natural. We had experience with SMI in other markets, and they're only a few miles down the road from our commercial, manufacturing, and technical centers. SMI was one of the first fabricators in the world to mold parts with DOWSIL™ Moldable Optical Silicones, helping us to grow the silicone secondary optic segment for LED lighting. What does this history mean for SMI's customers? It means they'll benefit from SMI's fabrication expertise and relationship with Dow's material experts."



Use Cases for Bonding with Silicone

  • Bond silicone to plastic
  • Bond silicone to metal
  • Bond silicone to silicone
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