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Component Assembly

In addition to silicone parts fabrication, Specialty Manufacturing, Inc. (SMI) has the in-house expertise to skillfully handle the assembly process for even the most complex devices. Our ability to work with tight tolerances and intricate parts allows us to fully complete your projects by assembling both molded and non-molded parts.

Clean Areas and Expert Packaging Capabilities

Throughout the silicone component assembly process, we are committed to meeting customer and regulatory requirements through the effectiveness of our quality management system and ISO 13485 certified manufacturing site.

Quality at Every Step

Part deflashing, assembly and packaging can be done on-site in our Class 100 clean area stations, which means your projects are completed according to exact specifications and regulations. Prior to shipping, each part must past a final inspection to ensure quality and accuracy are met.

SMI has experience in silicone component assembly for extremely small and intricate parts where quality of the end product is absolutely critical

Committed to Partnership

Don't let supplier challenges hold you back. SMI is a partner to world class research institutions and companies in high precision industries for our deep knowledge and dedication to silicone component manufacturing & assembly processes. We take a proactive approach to continuous improvement and are constantly adding capabilities to drive our customers' success.

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